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Yueqing Yuanwen Electronics Co., Ltd.  main production source text manganin shunt, manganin shunt meter, manganese copper sampling resistor, high current coil meter is widely used in various digital power meters for electricity metering devices, it uses manganese bronze alloy manufacturing precision resistors. Since the resistance of manganin excellent temperature characteristics (temperature coefficient of resistance Q = 0 +30 x10-6 / ℃), the product can be 0-80 ℃ temperature range of stability is indeed the number of work, while manganese copper material has the 0 - the temperature range of 100 ℃, the average thermal emf of copper was 2uv / ℃, easy to create different connections of different structures shunt, meet user requirements. Specifications 120-1500 Micro Europe, a large number of domestic and foreign customers with the export, to learn the structure of domestic and foreign advanced production line manufacturing process, more than one air welder, welding, and ultrasonic cleaning storage machines, polishing machines and high precision measurement equipment, equipment composition.
Our company is willing to trade in the meter or other electronic products, all dedicated to providing convenient, to seek common development.

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